WAIT LIST NW1 Fort Douglas Museum Trial

NOTE: On the day an entry spot becomes available the entry is filled by:

  1. Eligible Entries (including double dogs to switch)

  2. FEO (after the date FEO is available)

 Nov. 3, 2018 NW1 Wait List  (as of 11-2-2018)            

Eligible Entries: (Italic/underline indicates double/second dog)

* Wait List Confirmation Letter e-mailed  (entered after initial letters sent)

Wait List

  1. Terri Rowe Timber

2nd Dog

  1. Sandra Geary Kir'Shara

  2. Chris Swanson Mathilda

  3. Patricia Bruski Penny



  1. Nancy Mueller Prof. Fate

  2. Carla Wilson-Leff Allie

  3. Kim Nortz Xena

  4. Melissa Martinez Penny Laine