WAIT LIST NW3 Fort Douglas Museum Trial

 NOTE: On the day an entry spot becomes available the entry is filled by:

  1. Eligible Entries (including double dogs to switch)

  2. FEO (after the date FEO is available)

NOV. 4, 2018 NW3 WAIT LIST (AS OF 11-1-2018)

Eligible Entries: (Italic/underline indicates double/second dog) 

* Wait List Confirmation Letter emailed (entered after initial letters sent)  

Wait List:

  1. Debra Keller Louie

  2. Kevin Frost * Loki

  3. Frankie Frost * Molly

  4. Annette Miller * Yagermeister

  5. Thomas Sosnowski* Rocky

  6. Mary Sosnowski* Misha

  7. Dana Martin* Lilah

  8. Neal Stevens J

  9. Victoria Lovejoy Beryl

2nd Dog

  1. Diane Ross Zeana

  2. Monica Keracik Tebow

  3. Ronnie Burns Dazy


  1. Carla Wilson- Leff Fast Eddy

  2. Holly Hoover Alryn

  3. Christie Dinsmore L