WAIT LIST NW3 Fort Douglas Museum Trial

 NOTE: On the day an entry spot becomes available the entry is filled by:

  1. Eligible Entries (including double dogs to switch)

  2. FEO (after the date FEO is available)

NOV. 4, 2018 NW3 WAIT LIST (AS OF 10-10-2018)

Eligible Entries: (Italic/underline indicates double/second dog) 

* Wait List Confirmation Letter emailed (entered after initial letters sent)  

Wait List:   

  1. Shane Curran Oliver

  2. Victoria Lovejoy Beryl

  3. Kari Sillitti Kenai

  4. Jennifer Mc Candless Rook

  5. Chrystal Freeman Oliver

  6. Pritamo Kentala Crush

  7. Andrea Gadsby Caden

  8. Jonathan Tinker Jack

  9. Debra Keller Louie

  10. Kevin Frost * Loki

  11. Frankie Frost * Molly

  12. Annette Miller * Yagermeister

  13. Thomas Sosnowski* Rocky

  14. Mary Sosnowski* Misha

  15. Dana Martin* Lilah

2nd Dog

  1. Diane Ross Zeana

  2. Monica Keracik Tebow

  3. Ronnie Burns Dazy


  1. Carla Wilson- Leff Fast Eddy

  2. Holly Hoover Alryn

  3. Christie Dinsmore L